Warf Cap

A Close Knit Pattern

1 Skein Vintage Chunky (217 yds bulky weight)
size 9 16”  circular needle
size 9 DPNs
4 stitch markers
tapestry needle

tbl:  Through the Back Loop – Knit the stitch through the back.

ssk:  Slip Slip Knit – Slip the next two stitches as if to knit from the left to the right needle.
Knit them together through the back.  

(Left leaning decrease.)

CO 80 stitches.

Place marker to mark beginning of the round and join for working the round.  Be careful not to twist.

Foundaton Row:  K1, P1 for one round.

Twisted Rib Pattern:

Row 1 – 20:  *K1 tbl, P1*, repeat across round.

Turning Round:

Row 21:  At the beginning of the round, slip the first stitch as if to knit onto the right needle.  Bring the yarn to 
the front of the work and slip the stitch back to the left needle, being careful to keep the yarn loose around the 
slipped stitch.  Turn your work inside out so the inside of the hat is now on the outside.  

Row 21* – 41:  Continue in Twisted Rib Pattern.

Decreasing Rounds:

Row 43 -  56:  *SSK after each marker.  Work the next stitches in pattern until you get to the next marker.*  

Repeat.  Change to dpns when there are too few stitches to work comfortably on the 16  circular.  You should end with 6 stitches between each marker.

Row: 57:  Work one round in pattern without decreasing.


Cut the yarn and using the tapestry needle, thread it through the remaining 24 stitches.  Pull tightly to close the crown and weave in the end.  Weave in the end of the Cast On edge.  Turn up brim of hat. 

*Row 21:  When you come to the wrapped stitch at the end of the row, lift the wrap onto the needle with the stitch and purl those stitches together.  This will close up the  wrap hole .

Row 42: Continue in pattern, placing a marker every 20 stitches.  (Be sure you Round Marker you originally placed is identifiable for the beginning of your round.)  You will have four markers total.

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