Come explore our large selection of fine quality yarns and knit and crochet supplies. 

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Featured brands include the following:

Lace Yarns

Jagger Spun ZephyrLace  US 1 32st/4 inches

Shibui Silk Cloud  US 7 20st/4 inches

Shibui Cima  US 2 30 st/4 inches

S. Charles Crystal  US 2-7 no gauge given

Fingering Yarns (Sock Weight) 

Shibui Stacatto  US 2 30st/4 inches

Shibui Linen  US 4 28st/4 inches

Shibui Pebble Light Fingering  US 3 25st/4 inches

Berroco Sox  US 2 30st/4 inches

S. Charles Luna  US 4 23st/4 inches

S. Charles Adele  US 5 22st/4 inches 

Katia Gatsby  US 3-4 25 st/4 inches

Regia Cotton  US 1-3 30 st/4 inches

Regia 4 Ply  US 1-2 30st/4 inches

Filatura Superior  US 3 23st/4 inches 

Zen Serenity Silk Single  US 1-3

KFI CashFine  US 3 30-34st/4 inches

Painted Desert  US 1-3 30-32st/4 inches

Unisono  US 3-4 25st/4 inches

Sport Yarns

Debbie Bliss Cashmerino  US 3 25st/ 4 inches

Debbie Bliss Angel  US 3-8 18-24st/4 inches 

Ella Rae Classic Sport  US 5-6 22-24st/4 inches

Ella Rae Lace Merino  US 4 29st/4 inches 

Juniper Moon Tenzing  US 3-4 25 st/4 inches

Noro Shiraito  US 3-4 20-22 st/4 inches

KFI CashFine  US 3 30-34st/4 inches

KFI Luxury Silk Sport US 3-5 16-20st/4 inches

Painted Desert  US 1-3 30-32st/4 inches

Shibui Twig  US 4 22st/4 inches

Indulgence Sock  US 3-6 21 st/4 inches

S. Charles Adele  US 5 22st/4 inches 

DK Yarns

Berroco Vintage DK  US 6 22 st/4 inches

Berroco Comfort DK  US5-6 22-24st/4 inches

Berroco Fiora  US 5 22/st/4 inches

Berroco Weekend DK  US 6 22 st/4 inches

Berroco Andean Mist  US 6 22st/4 inches 

Ella Rae Cozy Soft  US 5-7 22st/4 inches

Sirdar Baby Bamboo  US 6 22st/4 inches

Sirdar Divine  US 6 18st/4 inches

Ella Rae Classic Sport  US 5-6 22-24st/4 inches

Noro Silk Garden Sock  US 4-6 20-22st/4 inches 

Debbie Bliss Mia  US 6 22st/4 inches

Debbie Bliss Lolli  US 6 24st/4 inches

Debbie Bliss Cotton Denim  US 6 22st/4 inches

Shulana Angora  US 6 22st/4 inches

Louisa Harding Casia  US 6 22 st/4 inches

Louisa Harding Noema  US 6 20st/4 inches

Tristan  US 6 24st/4 inches

Shibui Baby Alpaca  US 6 22st/4 inches

Shibui Maai  US 6 24st/4 inches

Shbui Rain  US 6 22st/4 inches

Noro Ayatori  US 4-6 22-24st/4 inches 

Worsted Yarn 

Berroco Vintage  US 7-8 18-20st/4 inches

Berroco Comfort US 8-9 18-20st/4 inches

Berroco Linus  US 8 18st/4 inches

Berroco Captiva  US 8 18 st/4 inches

Berroco Mixer  US 7 22st/4 inches

Berroco Fuji  US 7 20 st/4 inches

Berroco Blackstone Tweed  US 7 18st/4 inches

Berroco Maya  US 8 20st/4 inches

Berroco Abode  US 8 18 st/4 inches

Berroco Ultra Alpaca  US 8 20 st/4 inches

Berroco Modern Cotton  US 7 20 st/4 inches

Berroco Elba  US 7 20st/4 inches

Berroco Remix  US 8 17st/4 inches

Berroco Artisan US 7 20st/4 inches

Berroco Marmot  US 8 16st/4 inches

Berroco Briza  US 7 20st/4 inches

MadelineTosh DK  US 6-7 20-22 st/4 inches

Noro Mossa  US 8-9 12-14 st/4 inches

Noro Taiyo  US 7-8 14-16 st/4 inches

Noro Kureyon  US 7-8

Noro Silk Garden & Solo  US7-8 14-16st/4 inches

S. Charles Rittratto  US 8 22st/4 inches

S. Charles Flora  US 7 22st/4 inches

S. Charles Stella  US 8 20 st/4 inches

Cascade Pacific Color Wave & Pacific  US 7-8 18-20 st/4 inches

Cascade 220 Super Wash US 6-7 20-22 st/4 inches

Cascade 220  US 7-8 20-22st/4 inches

Cascade Casablanca  US 8 18 st/4 inches

Filatura Cristallo  US 7-8 20 st/4 inches

Lang Sol Degrade  US 8-9 18 st/4 inches

Lang Merino & +  Color US 7-9 17st/4 inches

Lang Clown  US 7-8 17st/4 inches

Lang Riva  US 6-7 19st/4 inches

Sublime Worsted  US 7 18 st/4 inches                                      

Ella Rae Callura US 7-8 18st/4 inches

Ella Rae Phoenix  US 7 18st/4 inches

Juniper Moon Moonshine  US 7 20st/4 inches

Juniper Moon Neve  US 6-7 18-22st/4 inches

Juniper Moon Sabine  US 7 19st/4 inches

Louisa Harding Trenzar  US 8 18 st/4 inches

Debbie Bliss Cleo  US 8 19 st/4 inches

Debbie Bliss Milano  US 8 17st/4 inches

Tahki Ripple  US 7 18st/4 inches

Jagger Spun US 7 20st/4 inches

Aran Yarns

Filatura Zara Plus  US 7-9 18st/4 inches

Lang Micro  US 8-9 17st/4 inches

Seasons  US 8-9 21 st/4 inches 

Juniper Moon Marlowe  US 9 16st/4 inches

Chunky Yarns 

Ella Rae Lush Merino  US 11-17  7-11st/4 inches

Ella Rae Cozy Soft Chunky  US 10-10.5 14 st/4 inches

Ella Rae Seasons  US 8-9 14st/4 inches 

Noro Obi   US 8-10  13-15 st/4 inches

Noro Cyochin  US 8-9 13-15st/4 inches

Noro Nadeshiko  US 10-10.5

Colour Rich Chunky  US 10.5  14st/4 inches

Berroco Ultra Alpaca Chunky  US 10  14st/4 inches

Berroco Peruvia Quick  US 1112st/4 inches

Berroco Inca Tweed  US 10 14st/4 inches

Berroco Vintage Chunky  US 10 14 st/4 inches

Berroco Comfort Chunky  US 10.5 14 st/4 inches

Berroco Brio  US 15 9 st/4 inches

Berroco Cirrus  US 10 15 st/4 inches

Berroco Karma  US 11 12st/4 inches

Berroco North Star  US 10.5 15st/4 inches

Lang Vivienne  US 9-10 18st/4 inches

Filatura Zara Fur  US 11 7 st/4 inches

Filatura Cometa  US 11 8 st/4 inches

Sirdar Kasha  US 10.5 14 st/4 inches

Cascade Baby Alpaca  US 10 14st/4 inches

Cascade Big Wheel  US 11-13 10-12 st/4 inches 

Louisa Harding Amatola Grande  US 10 18st/4 inches

Louisa Harding Luzia  US 11 11st/4 inches

Louisa Harding Anise  US 10 14st/4 inches

S. Charles Margot US 9 14st/4 inches

S. Charles Cleo  uS 9 12 st/4 inches 

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